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    Not Enough Memory to Export

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      I have noticed since switching to Leopard (now 10.5.2) on my new Mac Pro Octo, that I keep getting "Not Enough Memory To Save File" any time I try to EXPORT a CMYK file over about 12"x 12" to RGB color space?

      For instance, I can SAVE a 2-ft x 3-ft AI file, I can cut and paste that artwork from AICS3 to a new RGB Photoshop CS3 document of the same size, but I cannot EXPORT in Tiff, PSD, etc. directly from AICS3. The resulting Photoshop file in my current case is 228-meg, but I have 16-Gig of RAM and a dedicated 500-Gig Scratch Disk?

      I never had this problem when exporting in Tiger on a Dual G5.