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    Warp text in circle

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      Hi All,

      I've this project where I had to flow quite a lot of text into a circle to make it look like its rotating around the centre. I don't want to outline the text as there will be amends later on, there's enough text to dismiss the thought of typing on path so I opted for Envelope distortion. The artwork contains concentric circles - as in bigger and bigger circles build up around a centre point, each of the circles has 6 segments with several lines of text in each bit (paragraph). So I'm basically distorting each segment's block of text separately with the Arch tool. I noticed that Illustrator seems to stop treating it as text, rather treats it as an object, which leads into the top line of the paragraph being squashed and shrunk, while the bottom line stretched and enlarged.

      I asked other designers and illustrators and no one seems to know the answer to how to achieve arched text so it looks like it was typed up onto a path, and not like a distorted block of text. I was wondering if anyone would happen to have the answer here or suggest alternatives, I'd really appreciate it.

      Sorry for the lengthy post, tried to explain what I'd need to know... If it's still unclear, let me know :)

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          Steve Fairbairn Level 5
          I did exactly this some years ago and it's troublesome but not impossible. I'm not sure that I quite understand that segments bit though.

          Basically what you have to do is this:
          Start off by drawing your circles. The distance between them is the leading between lines, so you need to know what type size you'll be using. If you need to, split the whole thing into segments using Pathfinder/Divide and chuck out the bits you don't want. Store a copy of this in case you make a boo-boo somewhere along the way.
          It's a good idea to compose your text in normal boxes first, so that you can see roughly how it will fit into the available space.
          Then paste single lines of text onto the paths in the usual way.

          Unfortunately there's no way of making a Return when you're typing on a path, and no amount of distorting will ever get you where you want to go to. So you have to do everything line by line. Pain, but it works.

          Of course if you don't need segments you can make a spiral (been there too) and paste onto that. Mighty perty if you like that sort of thing :-)
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            JETalmage Level 6
            > Unfortunately there's no way of making a Return when you're typing on a path...

            Not exactly.

            1. Draw the concentric circles.
            2. Delete the unwanted portions. For example, with the white pointer, drag a selection marquee around all the bottom points and tap Delete.
            3. TextTool: Type a few characters onto the outermost semicircle, making it a PathType object.
            4. Select all the semicircles and the one with the text.
            5. Type>Threaded Text>Make.
            6. TextTool: Insert the text edit cursor inside the text and continue typing. When you want the path to jump to the next path, type a Return character.