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      Hi everyone, got a problem with my application and just trying to seek some advice to well experienced flex developers in the community, hope you guys can help me...please!!!

      what i was trying to do is to get each node value of my external XML and put it in a <mx:label> tag each. Here's the example structure of my XML document.

      <title>picture 1</title>
      <label>answer 1</label>
      <label>answer 2</label>
      <label>answer 3</label>

      Question: Is there any way where I can put answer 1, answer 2, and answer 3 in 3 different label tags? If there some way can somebody help me how, coz i badly need it immediately. please..... I was able to get the values of the 3 sub nodes of <answers> node but i only tried to put it in a single <mx:label> tag and wasn't able to parse it one by one.

      Help me good guys please!!!!

      Many Thanks!

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          Did you try to use the reapeater? Depending on what you're trying to accomplish that will work.

          <mx:Repeater id="rp" dataProvider="{arrayCollection}">
          <mx:Label text="{rp.currentItem}" />
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            m_hartnett Level 3
            If you are looking to directly access the node there are many ways to do it. Here is one simple way. This will return you a XMLList of the nodes.

            var answerLabels : XMLList = someXMLdata.children().child("answers").children();