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    Combo box changes selected Item when dp refreshes


      I am using a combo box and its dataprovider is an arrayCollection (dp1.arr1, dp1 is a actionscript class and arr1 is a global arraycollection for class). The data is refreshed every minute. Hence, in the dp1 class, refreshData() method gets called every minute and populates a new arraycollection arr2 with the data everytime. And then lastly arr1 points to arr2. (ie. in code I write arr1=arr2). This works fine.

      But the problem is say if I had selected "value 3" in combo box. Now when data refreshes and arr1=arr2, the combobox shows "value 1" i.e the 1st value in the array.

      What I want is the data in the combo box should be refreshed every min. and also the selected value should not change. The data is bound to change everytime. i.e some values might be deleted and some new values might be added.

      Can somebody please provide me with an example for this or provide a solution to my above problem so that the seleceted value in combo box remains same?