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    Rotating the view of pages in Illustrator

      I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS2 (12.0.0) on a Mac (OS/X 10.4.8) to edit a multi-page PDF (created by someone else) that is rotated 90 degrees. This means that the visual bottom of each page is on the right side of my monitor, making it a literal pain in the neck to edit.

      Is there a way to rotate the way I view the page, without having to change the page layout from portrait to landscape, then select and rotate all the objects? In other words, can I change the orientation I see without having to change the actual document layout?

      If not, is there an easy way to change the document layout or plugin, then change it back again? I'll have to do this for 28 pages, and I want to end up with a document that's laid out the same way it was when I started.

      Advanced thanks