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    FW CS4 and Kuler keyboard bug

    Dave Hogue Level 2
      OK, so I really hope that this is just my machine acting up, but I have been able to reproduce this bug, and I just want someone else to confirm it for me.

      I have a 16 page FW CS4 PNG, each page has a single bitmap on it, and when I open the Kuler panel and type in the search box, every time I hit shift-F the current page being displayed gets cleared. All of the contents (bitmaps and any drawn vector objects) get deleted (and no cap-F appears in the Kuler panel search field.)

      I cannot type a capital F in Kuler, and when I do, the page currently displayed is completely cleared. Somehow the shift-F is being heard by FW outside of the Kuler panel, and for some reason shift-F is deleting all objects on the current page.

      Am I nuts? Does anyone else see this happening? I've closed and re-started FW, I've rebooted (Win XP SP3), and I've tried different files - it still happens.