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    Issue with Flex Rest POST and CDATA

      I'm pretty new to Flex so there is probably a really obvious solution to this, but I can't figure it out. I'm just trying to make a Rest POST to a webservice that I'm running. I can post fine to a simple test servlet I wrote, I get all the data out correctly. The issue arises with the web service I am actually trying to integrate with which I didn't actually write. When I post to that service I get a error message from the service's parser about an unexpected element CDATA which is the XML tag for non-markup portions. So it looks like the parser in the webservice doesn't handle CDATA correctly. My question is, does the Flex HTTPService insert CDATA for some reason into the xml message? I've included the relevant code portion below in case I've messed up the POST in some way:

      For the send function I'm just passing in Request as (hopefully) the parameter and then my xml where it says "All of my XML". Thanks for the help and sorry if it's something pretty obvious.