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    Dreamweaver 8.0: How to apply template with a correct link path?

      Hye all!

      Can someone assist me how to apply a dreamweaver template with a correct path link? Ok my situation, i already do my own template then save it as template (*.dwt format) then i create a new page on Dreamweaver then i apply my template by:

      Modify > Templates > Apply Template to Page

      But i got a 'wrong' syntax/directory path link. For example like this image:

      *from my template

      *after i apply my template

      After i apply template i got this background="file:///C|/Inetpub/wwwroot/ms3/v3/Templates/images/bg2.jpg" which it suppose to be background="images/bg2.jpg"

      Can someone tell me what should i look? So far as i concern on my define site configuration everything is good like before.