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    One Button clicks to Two URL's

      I have created a flash movie as an introduction to my website.
      At the end of the movie is a display of all the sites sponsors.
      I Am trying to find a way creating buttons at the end of the movie that open one of the sponsors webpages (the one clicked on) in another tab or window and ALSO navigate the scene to my website inside the original window.

      Basically I want a multiple buttons to:
      A: all go to one URL (my website) once clicked, within that window
      B: open a second URL specific to each button instance in a seperate tab

      First, is this possible and second how do I go about it?!!!

      (Is it possible to default the flash movie to go to a specific URL once a button within it has been clicked? this may be a simpler solution??)

      any help would be GREATLY appreciated.