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    spry on ie8 problem

      Hi All,

      First of all i do apologize if i am posting this in the wrong place,
      my problem is that when i create a spry menu, its all messed up when looked at from ie8
      but it looks all OK in ie6 and other browsers, i read about an explorer hack on the net but
      not sure on how to do it, or maybe there is another simple way to get round this problem.
      I am a bit of a newbie so please try to be not so complicated in the replies :)
      i made a test page, the url is www.hanpacific.com/test.html maybe that might help
      i am using dreamweaver cs3

      thanks very much to all that reply
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          meesonator Level 1
          This should already be in the style sheet but if not, copy and paste this to very end of the SpryMenuBarVertical.css

          /* HACK FOR IE: to make sure the sub menus show above form controls, we underlay each submenu with an iframe */
          ul.MenuBarVertical iframe
          position: absolute;
          z-index: 1010;
          /* HACK FOR IE: to stabilize appearance of menu items; the slash in float is to keep IE 5.0 from parsing */
          @media screen, projection
          ul.MenuBarVertical li.MenuBarItemIE
          display: inline;
          f\loat: left;

          Give it a try and see if it works.
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            midlifecrisisgs Level 1
            Thanks for the reply meesonator!

            the file already has the hack written there,
            still, in ie8 the menus overlap, but on safari, ie6, chrome they come out normal,
            any other suggestions?

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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional
              A few problems. First your Spry is out of date. Download the updater package to update from your current version to the latest 1.6.1:


              Second, be sure to note that IE 8, is NOT a final release. Thus it is not a good idea to test at this point. You are at least 1 year out from IE 8 going final, probably around the same time as Office 2009/2010 and Windows 7. Be sure to look at your site statistics and, if the beta for IE 8 has a high enough percentage, then consider tweaking the code. Also remember IE 8 is based on the CSS 2.1 standards unlike Firefox, Safari and Chrome which are using the CSS 3 standards. This should not affect the menu but is something to keep in mind when styling the buttons.