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    Clean Sweep: A warning

    MissMoppett Level 1
      For weeks I have been trying to get Cont CS3 to work with DW8. It used to work with XP + SP2 but now with SP3 it won't, unless that's a coincidence. On the advice of Adobe Tec Support I used Adobe's Clean Sweep at Level 4. PLEASE DON'T. This produced a very unstable system which refused to re-boot causing me a Win repair from the XP disc after endless tinkerings in the registry. (Level 4 takes out every Adobe product – which may not be a bad thing–but much else besides. Incidentally if you ever run Clean Sweep click NO to preview and NO to backup registry which would not seem to be the logical thing to do. On trying to reinstall DW CS3 (which I had to buy) installation wouldn't work till I picked up from these forums that the Adobe setup is less than perfect. Holding my breath I ran Clean Sweep again but at level 2. DW then installed. Hope this helps.