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    Need help with map ids

    jaggedpeak Level 2
      I am getting very confused with generating a map id file, and would appreciate a few pointers (using RH7).

      I want to generate ids for *all* topics. I did this with auto-generate, and that worked fine (created BSSCDefault.h). Since then, I changed some topics (added/deleted) and want to regenerate the map file.

      I've tried simply regenerating into the default file, and creating a new map file. When I do this, the topics start numbering 'after' the numbers from the first run. How do I simply blow away the original file and start again?

      Next... when I first generated the file, I was using X5. I created .h and .bas files. Now, in RH7, I can't find where to generate the .bas files. Help?

      Thanks. I'm in a forest/trees situation right now and am sure I'm missing something(s) really obvious.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Personally I prefer manually editing the map (.h) and alias (.ali) files in notepad to add/amend mapids as when I first went into this area I found the RH dialog more than a little bit confusing. However once you get your head around it, it isn't too bad.

          The auto generate function works fine the first time around but as you have found out, is less clear on subsequent use. You could set the mapid options to start at a certain number but this applies across all map files. That said, if you add to a new file each time this wouldn't be a problem. What may be a problem is several releases down the line where you end up with numerous map files which makes it more difficult to manage.

          If you were to delete the original map file, you will automatically remove all the mapids and their association with the topics. This may appear to the easiest way to go if you have all your topics covered by mapids. However when you next auto generate, you may end up with topics having different mapids from the previous version which would mean your application API call requiring a change for a lot of dialogs for each release.

          It is best to leave the original map file and mapids and added to them as required. I'd recommend having as few mapids as possible unless there is good reason (e.g. too many mapids). Just select the map file in the RH dialog, add the mapid via the icon and then assign the topic to it.

          As far as the .bas file is concerned, this has nothing to do with the RH map file. Is this something produced on the VB application side?