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    ctrl and shift alt shortcuts not working in Illustrator CS4

      Can´t seem to get these keys to work properly.
      For instance while drawing with the rectangle tool then pressing shift to get a square does not give me a square, all I get is a tooltip balloon saying "shift" same goes with ctrl and alt and spacebar. This only happens while using my wacom graphire 3 not with the mouse. Trying to use the up and down arrows to shange the number of points in a star also not working. But if I FIRST click the shift key then start creating a square its working, but not if I first start creating the rectangle. Photoshop cs4 does not give me this problem. Using Vista 32 bit swedish language, latest Wacom driver 5.0.8-6, latest keyboard driver and a swedish microsoft natural pro keyboard, latest logitech mouse driver. Any help is appreciated.