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    Custom Tooltips for TabNavigator

      Hi all,
      I have created a custom tooltip and it is working fine for buttons, images, etc...
      but i want to use in TabNavigator, and Panel title icon
      please help
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          atta707 Level 2
          Could you show some code about what you're doing and how?
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            Pedro Magueija

            Hello all,


            I'm experiencing the same problem. I have a custom component (basic panel with a label) and it works fine as a custom tooltip for TextInput. But when using this custom tooltip has the tooltip for a TabNavigator child, the tab does not use the custom component. Instead a regular tooltip is shown with the text on the tooltip field.


            Here is some code on the TabNavigator:


            <mx:TabNavigator id="tab" toolTip="TT" toolTipCreate="createCustomTabToolTip('Tempos', tempos, event)">

                 <mx:VBox id="timeView" label="Tempos"  toolTip="Tempos" >



            Like I said the createCustomTabToolTip() function works, since when hovering over the VBox it shows the custom Tooltip. I just would like to know if it is possible for the TabNavigator to use that same custom Tooltip.


            Thanks in advance.