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    Hidden Button script, please help a newbie

      I’m a newbie, I downloaded the trial version of flash and I’m trying to create an invisible button that will run a flash swf. I have put a stop(); in the first layer (action) The button in the second layer (button) with this code:


      And the 3rd layer is named start, with music in the 4th laywer.
      I have tried everything to get this to work, it will play the music right from the begging but it won’t start the flash.
      I would like it to start playing the flash when they rollover it, and continue to run until the end of it.

      I know as a newbie, it is something I didn’t do right, it’s frustrating the hell out of me. I only have a few day’s left of free flash and I’d like to sell what flash will do to my wife.
      If anybody can help I would be very gratefully.
      If anybody is interested I could email the flash document file to take a look at.

      This is the site I'm working on for my wife, at the page where I want to put the flash.

      Thank you for ANY HELP