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    ???"File is not readable"???

    nsyrax Level 1
      Me and my co-worker have been having this issue recently where we will create a file, save it, come in the next day, and we get an error saying "File is not readable", but if I try to open my file on my co-workers machine, it opens fine. It happens randomly but frequently. It happens when placing Photoshop files in Illustrator. We are currently running CS4 on WinXP machines running SP3. Both machines have 4gigs of RAM. Also, when we try to same some files, we get a message saying "The file may be read only, onother person may have the file open, or the file may be saved in another folder.", and when OK is pressed, Illustrator bombs. Any ideas???
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          nsyrax Level 1
          Hello!!!!! ADOBE!!!!!!!!!
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            Scott Falkner Level 6
            > Hello!!!!! ADOBE!!!!!!!!!

            Read the name of this forum again. It's at the top of the page, underneath the Adobe logo.
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              nsyrax Level 1
              I love when people don't actually contribute and just make a snide remark. So helpful. Adobe support does tend to look in the forums from time to time.
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                Harron K. Appleman Level 4
                >Adobe support does tend to look in the forums from time to time.

                There is absolutely no guarantee of that, Nick.

                If it is Adobe you wish to contact, why not call or e-mail them directly?

                Shouting here just riles up the natives.
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                  Level 1
                  Hi Nick

                  I'm having exactly the same problem. Have you figure it out what's going on? Any solution? Many thanks!
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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                    Well, given, that the original poster never provided more details, I'm afraid there can#t be a stock answer. What you should do, is as follows:

                    - check your folder permissions. All folders must be readable by the user and "System". If you want to save files, you also need write priveleges.

                    - check, whether the user account exists on both systems with identical name and password.

                    - check, whether the Group Policies and specific system wide security settings are identical on both.

                    - on Windows Vista, also check UAC, DEP and Internet Zone flagging.

                    - check for any additional security settings that may be related to network features such as share privileges and names of mapped drives/ shares.

                    - when you transfer files e.g. by ways of a mobile harddrive, make sure to always copy the permissions correctly (NTFS).

                    - check, whether virus scanners or software firewalls are interfering

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                      ElClaude Level 1

                      Hello, I have the same problem. Thx for your tips but the problem appears so random that is highly unlikely that any of these solutions work.

                      Sometimes it can read the file, sometimes not. - I open the document, all good. But as soon as I want to copy paste a picture from within the doc it sais "file is not readable". Sometimes it works after restarting illustrator or saving the document... Whaaa getting nuts with that crazy program. I use it for 10 years and I am really sick of its instability.

                      To me it appears as one of the countless mysterious bugs of the program. I called the support endless times in the last years and they could never help me. When they don't know further they just blame the OS or so..

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                        MicahBurke Level 1



                        Simply put, this is a memory issue. I'm not positive as to the REASON this issue pops up, however after dealing with it every day for two years now, I've learned what to do.


                        When you have a memory intensive file on screen, say an advertisement with many placed objects, Illustrator uses a lot of RAM to render/illustrate the page and environment, so much so as to not allow the opening of another file or placing a graphic on the page, EVEN if the first file is closed. The only solution seems to be to close Illustrator and start back up.


                        There are several things you can do to mitigate the problem somewhat.


                        Make sure you have as much RAM as physically possible available for Illustrator to use. This means close down other applications that might be gobbling RAM. Next make sure your PC/Mac is pumped full of RAM, RAM is fairly inexpensive now days so splurge. In Illustrator you can turn off the full preview, or even use pixel preview to save RAM.


                        Regardless of these steps, however, you will encounter the error again, fortunately CS4 doesn't seem to screw the session over like CS3 did with no way to save.


                        My specs:


                        Intel CoreDuo2 6600, 2.4 GHz

                        4 Gig RAM

                        Windows 7, x64

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                          duncan2ooo Level 1


                          Hi All,


                          I have been experiencing big issues with Illustrator CS4 and placing images into a document.


                          Basically I will be working on say a packaging project and after about the 4th image being placed I will get the error message The file is not readable I select OK (the only option available)

                          RESULT: no file placed no where to go?


                          I then have to save the document, close Illustrator, re-open, open the document and then the image will usually place (not always first time though and sometimes I will have to reboot the whole system!) but then the 5th, 6th, 7th image after that I have to follow the same procedure!... The image files are fine, 300ppi, 20-30MB max, PSD, TIFF, JPG dose not matter all follow the same issue... but eventually after a lot of rebooting and loading the so called un-readable files will go into the document.


                          Also the image will place sometimes but the same error message will appear on attempting to embed the image!


                          All very annoying and massively time consuming!!!


                          To top it off since the above, random AI files when loading up will crash Illustrator out... again after a reboot the same file will open fine with no problems???


                          My system:

                          OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit)

                          Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (quad core)

                          RAM: 6GB

                          GRAPHICS: NVIDIA Quadro FX 570 (3GB) (Dual monitor)


                          PRIMARY: ATA 500MB

                          SECONDARY: ATA 1Tb


                          Sorry if this has no revalance to the above posts but im desperate to get this sorted... other wise its back to my old system... slow but reliable!!


                          Many Thanks!!

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                            MicahBurke Level 1

                            I think your issues are exactly the same as those I've experienced. One user emailed me regarding this and had some notes, which I'll summarize for you:




                            • Illustrator is a 32 bit application is not taking advantage of your 6 Gig of RAM, but only accesses 3 gigs. Nothing you can do will make Illustrator use the rest.

                            • When you place so many files into illustrator, it attempts to render them, using up your RAM.

                            • Make sure you're LINKING files, not PLACING them on the actual page.

                            • Reduce linked file's sizes to exact dimensions you need. (Don't use a 1200 dpi image if you're printing the file at 300dpi.)

                            • You can force Illustrator to display Document Raster Effects Settings to 72ppi, which will reduce some of the RAM requirements, until ready to output. Also turn of Anti-aliasing in the preferences while manipulating the document.

                            • Illustrator is not a page-layout application.  Learn to use InDesign for page layout rather than Illustrator (I'm still working on this myself.)
                            • Once a file gives the dreaded FILE IS NOT READABLE error, you're basically stuck. Your only recourse is to close the application and open it again. If you save a file, which gives the error on opening, the file is pretty much useless. I've found no way of getting in to a file that is "unreadable">

                              Many thanks to Wade Zimmerman for these notes.
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                              CreatePersuasion Level 1

                              This happened to me with a crucial projects.  If you're desperate to revive the file and there are any linked files in it, here's a psuedo solution:


                              Break the links to the file.  Move the files, rename them, whatever.  Start with one and see if gives you enough headroom to open the "unreadable" file.  If it doesn't give you enough room, break additional links until you can get room. I tried to downsample the linked files instead, and that may have worked if I had thought to change the "auto update" linked files preference.  (as opposed to AI leaving it as it is until you respond)


                              Once you've opened the file there are several ways to protect yourself that have already been mentioned, although linking files only helps in case of a meltdown like this.  It won't stop it from happening.  I believe you can also use the layers visibility toggle to protect yourself a little bit, just leave stuff invisible when you close, focusing on the blurs and large rasters etc.  If it doesn't have to get rendered at 100%+ then its not going to break the render stream for out of addresses issues.  Pixel preview being selected when closing might also help???


                              I have 1.5 gig of video memory so AI can't use that in the render que, so if I would have reduced that allocation in system prefs it might have given me enough headroom to open it.


                              I don't know about you guys but cs5 can't grace my 64 bit OS fast enough.

                              Anyway, I know the breaking links works if possible and perhaps those other ideas can help too.

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                                MicahBurke Level 1

                                Great notes thanks!

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                                  sharedTEAMS Level 1

                                  Interesting twist for mine:


                                  One instance of filename1.tif works just fine, but another instance of that same file is "not readable"


                                  One image is placed in the document three times -- two of the links work, and the third is not readable. Seems quite random to me.

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                                    bcmpro Level 1

                                    Possible solution: I don't claim to know why it happens, but I've experienced this problem too and found something that alleviates it: Make sure when you file>place images that you select "link" instead of "embed", then "Save as" your ai document and in the save as options uncheck "save pdf compatible file"

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                                      Paul Rumens Level 1

                                      This issue is also happening in CS5:



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                                        MicahBurke Level 1

                                        Of course, unfortunately any RAM you add to your machine over 3 Gigs is ignored by Illustrator because Adobe has yet to see fit to provide it's users with a 64 bit native version.  Even though most designers are running with 64bit OS and chips, Adobe updates it's flagship Photoshop and other apps to take advantage of more RAM but not Illustrator...

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                                          MicahBurke Level 1

                                          Yes, unchecking PDF Compatibility can help some, as it reduces RAM needs. Also using links does help, but if you have many linked files, it just dies anyway. It seems a few of us are using Illustrator for page layout, especially when there's only small amounts of text on the page.

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                                            DesignRoo Level 1

                                            It seems a few of us are using Illustrator for page layout, especially when there's only small amounts of text on the page.


                                            Yes. Over the years I have had this same issue - and one thing I have learned is that Illustrator is NOT the ideal page layout program. Really. It is not. However, many of us will use it for this - so it is important to remember - as stated elsewhere: Use imported images at 100% size - do not enlarge or reduce. If possible use jpgs, not .psd files. Use the correct color mode for all imported objects. Link all imported images. Refrain from using things like drop shadows and effects in illustrator - keep to the minimum - especially on imported images.If you can do them in Photoshop then import image as jpeg, do it that way. Outline fonts if you can. Expand objects. Work in layers, but flatten for output. Delete all non required color swatches.


                                            in other words, use any and all tricks to keep the size of the document to the minimum. Once you get into this habit of doing this for all Illustrator docs it becomes second nature.

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                                              Paul Rumens Level 1

                                              I'm using it for Packaging Artwork, like everyone else in my industry. There is no other program I can do this in, well apart from Freehand.


                                              I am sure that you tips would help, but I might as well just use Illustrator 8! Illustrator should be able to scale images for crying out loud.


                                              I am still talking with Adobe support (up to about 6 hours in total) getting past from department to department. Not one person will admit there is an issue. They are playing the blame game, my favourites:


                                              Are you on a network? We don't support networks.


                                              Have you uninstalled CS3? You have to do that.


                                              Have you uninstalled CS5? You have to do that.


                                              Have you created a new account? You have to do that.


                                              Did you download the installer from our website? It must be corrupt. Re download the 3.5GB dmg.


                                              I't must be a problem with your internet. Use a disc.


                                              And that is where I am up to. They are now telling me that I need to buy "Gold Support" for further assistants.

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                                                MicahBurke Level 1

                                                Adobe support is pretty good for some things, not so great for others.  Here's the deal with the packaging artwork... I don't know how big the package you're designing is but as DesignRoo mentioned, try to get your PSD/JPG artwork to the exact size you're going to need.  IE: if you're outputting at 300dpi and the image is only 5" on the package, try not to use a 8000px image.   But I still feel your pain. I make mattress/furniture ads and some have a dozen or more linked images on the screen. It's simply a RAM issue and until Adobe lets us use all the RAM our computers have, we're going to have to cut corners etc.


                                                Adobe won't admit there's an issue because, in their mind, there isn't.  We're using Illustrator because it works for us, in our workflow... they've said before (2008 AdobeMAX Conference) that they want to support that... but to honor that commitment they need to give us access to the RAM we have.

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                                                  DesignRoo Level 1

                                                  but I might as well just use Illustrator 8! Illustrator should be able to scale images for crying out loud.


                                                  Well, yes, I feel your pain. I do alot of large carton packaging design and it can be a real posterior ache. Yes, all Illustrator versions will 'scale' your image, but remember, it doesn't alter the actual image size of the image - so if you whack in a 10mg image and reduce that to 10% size in Illustrator you haven't actually reduced that 10mg to any less - if you are using 5 or 6 10mg images on a package you are going to need a fair amount of grunt. I generally resize my images to within 20% of final size in Photoshop, and then scale them in illustrator. And I've got a grunty machine.


                                                  re the Support desk - I have actually had great help here on the forum... better results than the Support desk who seem to answer every question with another question! Even asking questions I have already answered. But I did get a result in the end so stick with them.

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                                                    evacompany Level 1

                                                    I find the same program, I am CS5 now.


                                                    The problem happens:

                                                    -when there is placed linked .psd files.

                                                    -the original file(done by Mac AI) opened by Windows AI.


                                                    When I open the file, the error message"the file is not readable" pops up.


                                                    This is my solution(in Windows AI):

                                                    -Quit AI

                                                    -Double click on the problem AI file, let the program start up.

                                                    -ignore all linked files.

                                                    -then relink all missing files one by one.

                                                    -save again in Ai CS5, close it.

                                                    -test reopen again.


                                                    hope this work for you.

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                                                      Jilted1 Level 1

                                                      From my perpective this problem has cropped up from CS4, well i deal with many agencies who look like they're hiring people from the art schools who got the lowest score in designing. Well the problem occurs when i have EPS files that exceed the 200mb mark [ in some cases i had file sizes exceeding the 2gb mark, sadly ] and this saps illustrator's ram allocation, which leads to the problem. Well for one thing i guess the team developing illustrator have not really taken into consideration that now that we have moved to 64bit systems we do need illustrator to be able to juggle the ram and memory more effectively. So in finishing i say like me we all have to soldier on, until someone wakes up and sorts out this problem.

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                                                        SupaSteve82 Level 1

                                                        I'm in CS5, as well (already posted on that forum) and am having issues with SMALL linked bitmaps. File itself is 8MB, biggest linked bitmap is 9MB. (Total of 3 linked bitmaps). Ignoring links and re-linking 1 by 1 did not work for me.


                                                        I'm on a i5 iMac w/ 8GB RAM. I can open larger, more complex files with more links just fine and, in fact, I just edited these files 2 days ago. Very frustrating.

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                                                          Paul Rumens Level 1

                                                          Hi guys.


                                                          Can you confirm if you have upgraded to version 15.0.1?

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                                                            softwareoc Level 1

                                                            I tried breaking the links. I'm using CS5 on a 64-bit system and it worked like a charm.

                                                            Good thing I have all my linked files in one folder.

                                                            I only had to rename the folder to break the links then renaming it again to its original name after opening the file

                                                            and auto updating the links.



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                                                              MicahBurke Level 1

                                                              I'll be out of the office until Thursday, Oct 28, 2010. If there is any emergency, please contact Cindy Pietro, or Marc Fey at 925-456-6400.


                                                              If you have my cell #, feel free to call only if absolutely needed.



                                                              Micah Burke

                                                              Mancini's Sleepworld


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                                                                bluomu Level 1

                                                                Is this still a problem for people? I'm having the same issue in CS5 with 15.0.1 and 15.0.2.


                                                                What workarounds are proving best for people? I'm considering using indesign but it seems more suited to books/magazine layouts - we're using it for museum exhibition design.

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                                                                  mickyevelyn Level 1

                                                                  Hello people,


                                                                  I have been experiencing the same problem for a long time and I have discovered a workarround that works for me.

                                                                  I simply start illustrator as administrator and everything works, for me at least.


                                                                  I'm using Windows 7 64bit, Illustrator cs5 latest update, C2D 2,5ghz, 2gb ram


                                                                  Hope this helps.

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                                                                    bechou Level 1

                                                                    I dont know if this is the solution ( in fact I read the solution from Adobe but it's so confuse) . Here is mine :

                                                                    - Deleted the linked file or move it to another folder.

                                                                    -  Restart Illustrator , open ur file , ignore the box , seperate ur file to smaller document and replace the missing file.

                                                                    Hope it works for u

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                                                                      MicahBurke Level 1

                                                                      Hmmm... problem is it might be any one of a dozen images. Good ideas though.

                                                                      • 32. Re: ???"File is not readable"???
                                                                        bechou Level 1

                                                                        Ignore the box when it asks u replace . ignore or cancel the link . Choose ignore . Then copy ur artwork to another document with smaller images

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                                                                          Rehan ali Level 1

                                                                          its 100% illustrator issues which not yet fix in cs5 may be there team is not capable to fix this issue i think

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                                                                            Rehan ali Level 1

                                                                            mylenium dont try to fool others plz its biggggggggggggg bug of illustrator everybody knows even not fix in cs5, and you are talking networking related issues r u professional

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                                                                              complexity Level 1

                                                                              I'm another user faced by this error. I'm going to try and complete the work in photoshops psb large format file format.

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                                                                                Ri :P. Level 1

                                                                                Hi All!


                                                                                I've found my self with the same problem, since yesterday and not before! Couldn't open any small tiff RGB or Cmyk, but JPG was allright.

                                                                                When reading this forum with complicated solutions, suddenly I've remebered one option wich I've changed yesterday, wich is... SCRATCH DISKS options! Yes,

                                                                                I've changed the S.Disk from Startup to another fisical hardisk wich I have in my Pc. Now I've returned to my original configuration and everything is back to normal again. Hope this could help you all.


                                                                                Another thing. In Photoshop, when I've done the same, the photoshop wouldn't start. Why? I don't know...


                                                                                DON'T MESS WITH SCRATCH DISKS 



                                                                                Adobe CS4, Win 7 64bits, Two hard drives, 4 partitions

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                                                                                  Todditron Level 1

                                                                                  Same issue, just wanted to pile on the discussion.  Breaking links to the files seemed to work as an emergency fix, but this is really a pain.


                                                                                  CS5, Windows 7, plenty o RAM and CPU ....  dealing with some large files for a vehicle wrap, but nothing truly crazy.

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                                                                                    agoldin Level 1

                                                                                    Our issue at work turned out to be the upgrade to the new Pantone Plus library. It causes ALOT of problems. The thing to do is install it but then reinstall the OLD library as the default and have the Plus library somewhere else where you can access it when you need to.

                                                                                    Did I get a raise for solving this problem that no one else in the entire company could solve? No.

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                                                                                      SIcsempertyrannis Level 1

                                                                                      How do you do that, goldin?

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