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    When should mutiple states be used

    glen08 Level 1
      What is the advantage of using multiple states on components? This Flex feature makes code not very readable.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          States are better for simple UI features that nonetheless need to change, such as a login screen, etc. Navigational containers such as ViewStack, TabNavigator, etc. are better for more significant changes in the UI.

          The state model will become easier to understand and represent for Flex 4, but till then, learn states well enough to understand how to use them effectively, and search this forum for posts related to states, and you will better understand when they should/could be used.
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            glen08 Level 1
            Is there anything that we have to use state absolutely, otherwise it can not be done?

            I think Flex "state" is a bad language feature, it opens the door for bad coding.

            I saw a demo eShop code full of states controlling the navigation. You really have to jump around to understand to code.