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    Exporting to high-quality JPEG and blacks conversion

    Pixel Mixer Level 1
      I want to export an .ai file as a high-quality JPEG using Illustrator CS3, for a desktop wallpaper. Problem is, if I use File > Export... and choose JPEG file format then the resulting file's dimensions are way too small, like 800 pixels on the longest side or something. Not only that, but Illustrator doesn't crop the objects that are outside of the artboard, so after I've cropped them manually, the JPEG is even smaller.

      So I tried exporting as a PDF first then opening as a high res JPEG in Photoshop. But then the blacks were grey-ish, and I know from experience this has something to do with colour profiles and conversions, but I don't know what I can do to fix it :/ I've used some gradients that contain black in the illustration and they don't turn grey-ish, only the solid blacks. I've also tried importing the PDF in both RGB and CMYK colour modes, but with no luck. Importing EPS's into Photoshop was worse, because the blacks still looked grey but my gradients were also a bit... I dunno, posterized?

      Does anyone know the best workaround for this?