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    CS2 Convert RGB Images to CMYK Within Illustrator

      Hey everyone. I desparately need some help here. I designed a file in Illustator CS2 and my file had images within it. I took it to a professional printer and he said my images needed to be converted from RGB to CMYK to print properly. The printer had CS4 and he said to change the colours you click on Edit -> then Colours, which in turn allowed him to change the pictures format from RGB to CMYK. I only have CS2 and when he told me to select Edit and then Colours, well CS2 does not have that. It's something completely different.

      If someone out there knows how to change the picture files from RGB to CMYK "within" Illustrator CS2 could you please tell me how as Adobe's phone support only deals with the most current version.

      Any help you can provide me with, would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance,