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    implementing a singleton RemoteObject for different states Help

      different states in my application need to pull data from a single remote object. however, for some reason it's not been created properly. I've noticed that there are two classes of RemoteObject in flex. The packages mx.rpc.remoting and mx.rpc.remoting.mxml. I used the first one. Is this right? Below is my code.

      Help appreciated.

      //--------------------------<Remote Object wrapped as singleton in an actionscript class>------------------------------
      import mx.rpc.remoting.RemoteObject;
      public class CrawlerHandler
      private static var _crawler:RemoteObject; //only one instance for application

      * creates and initializes new web crawler engine
      private static function initialize():void
      _crawler = new RemoteObject();
      _crawler.destination = "Crawler";

      public static function getInstance():RemoteObject
      if(_crawler == null)
      return _crawler;


      //-------------------<body of code in a state's actionscript, where remote object is referenced>---------------------------------
      var crawler:RemoteObject = CrawlerHandler.getInstance();
      var csvData:String = crawler.getCSV(); //<<----------------object not created correctly
      if(csvData.length > 0)