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    How to make Fake Bold/Italic work in Illustrator CS2?

      I just learned that, unlike MS Word and most typical tools, Illustrator CS2 does not do 'Fake' Bold/Italic for text objects. Unless I have actual font enhancement typefaces family files, Bold/Italic will not work in AI CS2.

      Here are my issues:
      - I have quite a few 3rd party fonts which have only 'Normal' font typeface TTF files.
      - I also have some 'Normal' Japanese font TTF (approx. 4MB each) files.
      - The vendors do not offer separate Bold/Italic TTF font family files.

      In Illustrator CS2, is there any way I can make 'Fake' Bold/Italic work for these 'Normal' only fonts?

      I would appreciate any help.