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    action button to go to scene "X"

    Melancia7 Level 1
      i need some help..
      i'm trying to do my digital portfolio but haven't used Flash for a while now..and i'm having trouble with the actionscript...

      imagine that i have 3 scenes: scene 1 (home), scene 2 (CV) and scene 3 (photos)
      what i want to do is to have buttons on scene 1 that direct the user to the other two scenes, as they want..and not in order..

      where do i write the actions? on the button or on the last frame of the scene,after a stop...?!

      i wrote this:
      on (release) {
      gotoAndPlay("Scene 3", 1);

      and it said i had a syntax error..and also the part "Scene3",1" did not appear blue, as it normally does when is correct....

      PLEASE HELP!!!

      i dont know what im doing wrong and WHERE...

      if it's simpler: give me the basics to actions on buttons and relation between button and scenes..