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    A file i/o error has occured

      I have a problem. Almost every file I want to save gives me this error:
      an i/o error has occured. I have been trying to save the files under other names and filetypes but no result. Is there anyone who can help me solve this? Thank a lot!
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          I am having this same problem. I cannot save an ai file at all, but can save pdf's.
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            I have a problem also with ai.

            When I try to save a file when the text or type are not outlined, the file cannot be saved. It either shows the message above, i/o error has occured, OR the pop up window just says "can't save file". But it does not tell what the problem is and WHY the file cannot be saved.

            But when I convert all text to outline, then the file can be saved.

            Hope there is someone who can help me with this issue. It will be VERY troublesome when I have to outline ALL text before I can save the file. The REAL trouble comes when I have to change the contents of outlined text! When they are not outlined, the text can be changed easily (as text). But after outlined, then any change will be a BIG headache! Pls help. Thanks.