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    .mov files don't synchronize

      Hello to everybody. On my project I have two .mov files that play togheter. I used quick time button to control both .mov files (a button to play , another to stop, another to forward....). Why aren't mov files synchronized if go forward or backward ? I try to explain it better: I click on forward button and I go forward for 3 minutes of my movies. when I click play button, movies have a difference of two or three second: they aren't synchronized anymore. How can I figure out?

      thank you,
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          What are you using as the basis for your fast forward? Are you moving to a specific movieTime in both movies? Are both movies compressed using the same settings? Are they running at the same frame rate?
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            elisabettaclarius Level 1
            Hi Rob,
            I answer to your questions.
            I use the script movierate=8 to go forward and movierate=-8 to go backward. My mov is 20 minutes long so I need to move faster.
            I don't move to a specific movie time. the movies have different settings: one is a sorenson 3 the other is a mov created with power point.What do you think about?

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant
              If each movie was created using a different codec then they will never synch. They are just playing. If they seem to synch at any point, it is just accidental.

              You will need to find points in each movie where you want the movies to synch, then find the movieTime for those points. Then you can set the movies to those movieTimes at place in your Director movie where you want them to start again.