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    MX2004 behaving strangly

      Today I had trouble connecting Dreamweaver FTP to one of my sites, I did all the usual stuff, and did manage to connect using WS_FTP and I also could upload and odwnlaod files, I also checked my site with FTP Sitechecker and it all checked out OK. I could also connect to other sites using dreamweaver FTP.
      I then decided to re-install dreamweaver MX 2004, but I still had the same problem, also when I went to view a page using F12, Dreamweaver tried to connect to my FTP server instaed of opening the IE. I then deiced to fully re-install Dreamweaver again, by first uninstalling it then installing it. Now I find the Dreamweaver.exe although running will not actually start Dreamweaver.
      I would be gratefull if anyone has any ideas what to do now since I appear to have a dead version of dreamweaver.
      I run Norton Internet security,and I have done a full virus scan which came up blank.


      Nige. . . . .