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    Banner/Button Ad Problem...Please Help...Going NUTS!

      Hi I was wondering if I could get some help here...I work at a company who's headquarters have an extremely old, outdated banner rotator system. We recently added designing Flash button and banner ads into our lineup of advertising strategies. After sending a few files to headquarters, we were notified that the URL to the advertiser's site needs to be embedded within the Flash file. No problem, usually...I started out by making a transparent button with only the "hit" stage having a keyframe (the others being blank). This layer masks the entire ad so at any given time, a user can click through to the desired site. I defined the URL using

      on (release) {
      getURL(" http://www.yourwebsite.com","_blank");

      worked without a problem and clicked through to the site when testing in Flash Player. I later got word from headquarters that the click-thru wasn't working - no pointer icon upon rollover or anything. After previous experiences like this with some other banner rotator companies, I figured maybe they weren't compatible with actionscript 3 yet so I exported the file using actionscript 2 compatibility and on that round, they said they got the pointer icon upon rollover, but the click-thru still wasn't working. One of their techs received the native flash file via email from me and said the only thing that was wrong was that the button layer was on the bottom layer and should have been on the top. After a new file was sent with that adjustment (and nothing else!), they STILL said it wasn't working!Meanwhile, I created these fully functional buttons within a blank flash file, 1 layer, with just the button in the library in hopes I could use it as a type of template file, where I could complete the Flash ad and simply drag that button into my library, posting it as a layer at the top. It seems like it works standalone just fine, but every time I try to merge it into the library on an already existing Flash file, I get the pointer icon but a compiler message saying 1087: Syntax error: extra characters found after end of program. Seems the only way this is working so far is to re-create the existing Flash files. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can get this working? I do have the native flash files I can email if need be. We're all thinking that there's just nobody at the banner rotator company that can properly tell us how they need their files. Keep in mind that the trouble doesn't start until they are uploaded into their rotator...flash player and the swf on a blank html page uploaded to my server both work without a problem. I almost dropped dead when they told me this afternoon that they are currently utilizing Flash 2004 and can't work with anything else. HELP!