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    quicktime xtra for vista

      I have asked a couple questions while working on this project and appreciate the help I have received. Hopefully this will be my last problem.

      I have created a project that contains a menu that links to quicktime movies. Everything works fine on mac and in xp but I have a problem in Vista. It looks like it is not reading the xtra's properly or something. When the projector plays it starts with a quicktime (not DTS) and it plays fine. I have the text keyframed to come in from the side after the movie is done. When that text is supposed to animating all I see is red boxes where the text is supposed to be. Once the animations is done and the text is in its final location everything looks fine. When I click on a link to a quicktime movie (set to DTS) it flashes a red box and them sends me back to my menu (as if the movie isn't there at all).

      I am assuming that is a xtra problem. Maybe the xtra's I am using are out of date? I am using director 11 for mac. If so is there a way for me to get updated quicktime (and whatever other) xtras? Or is this an extra problem at all. Could it be a computer problem (and it so happens to the only vista computer I have)? Maybe it has to do with the .dll files that I have to add because I am creating for pc from mac?

      BTW: The projector doesn't contain much media, the xtras and quicktime files are outside of the projector. (But like I said it works fine in xp and osx).

      Any helps is nice.