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    Images not in Project Manager

    NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1
      Hi again. All goes well for months and then two problems in one day. I use RH 7.02.001 for CHM files.

      Some images have disappeared from my Project Manager. They work just fine in the topics and are listed in Tools>Reports>Images... but not in the right place!

      In a project with several hundred images and topics I can't (or rather my boss won't let me) check all of them, but checking a few suggests that the folder name has got integrated with the filename. That is, the Image name in the report looks like "MyFolder\MyImage" and is _only_ listed when I select "All Folders". If I select "MyFolder" it is not listed (but some other images are).

      I don't work over a network, and deleting the CPD didn't help. I can live with this, but it's inconvenient when I want to use one of the images in another topic, and I don't know how stable it is -- will the images also disappear from the topics one day?

      Any suggestions?

      --- NL_Derek