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    Presenter 7, SWF, FLV, Streamed from Connect Pro

    Yiendos Level 1
      Hi Adobe,

      I've just spent a very frustrating afternoon trying to get a video already up on our Connect Pro Server to stream through an adobe presenter 7 file that is published to the same server.

      I've tried embedding the file directly into swf file but that didn't work very well because the lip sync between the audio and the presenter went within the first couple of seconds of playback. I then found this interesting tech note up on Adobe's site about how this could be acheived:
      Adobe Streaming Video from Connect Pro

      The swf file plays within Flash but when I publish the file I can't then test the .swf file because a local file is trying to communicate with an outside source. I've tried to follow the instructions here:
      change flash settings

      But with no success. But I carried on I imported the swf file into the ppt... the preview shows that the video works and plays well. So I publish locally and I get the same error message about local files trying to communicate with an outside source so I guess the swf is still trying to reference the streamed video.

      But as soon as the presentation is published to the connect pro server it doesn't play. Any help gratefully received.

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          wolfeyes Level 1
          Hi Yiendos. I share your frustration, believe me. You'll see many of my questions in t his forum regarding videos!!

          I work with the Govt so it is the law that I have my videos closed captioned. This adds another layer to the difficulty with importing video into Presenter 7.

          I have to come to realize, thanks to another forum member, that the videos will also resize to fit the default player bar and the player bar doesnt include a CC button for accessibility!!!

          I did finally summize that there is no graceful way to get my videos into Presenter 7. I have finally decided to do the following and it may or may not help you or others. It's working well for me!!
          1. Convert video to .flv using Sorenson Squeeze.
          2. Do captioning in Word and save caption files as Text Only.
          3. Using Captionate (by the Manitou Group), add and sync closed captioning text to your .flv video.
          4. Using Flash, Import the captioned video and add a player bar that has CC on it.
          5. Publish your files to your web server and add links to your videos in Presenter 7 to the the videos on your web server.

          Don't know if this will help you or not, but I have spent several months (off and on) testing and trying to handle my videos directly through Presenter 7.

          Good luck!!
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            jonturkle Level 1
            Stop fooling around with swf video files in Presenter. Presenter 7 will convert your video to the native flv format and eliminates the needs to reference an existing file on the server. The flv format has the added advantage that you no longer have to time the Presenter slide to match the time of your video.

            Presenter will detect the presence of your video and, as long as the Presenter slide duration is less than your video, will wait until the flv video has finished playing before it automatically advances.