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    Extracting files from AIR package

    Matt Gifford Level 1
      Hi all

      I have been tasked with developing an "selective update" system for one of our FLEX AIR applications.
      We have a lot of data (swfs, excel spreadsheets, pdfs etc) that we update reguarly, and to save the user time and trouble of downloading and installing the complete package every time there is a new release, they want to be able to only download and install the updated files.

      Does anyone know if this is possible? Also, as we are now unable to write to the applicationresourcedirectory, how can I (assuming the first request is possible) extract the files to a new location (applicationstoragedirectory) and run them from there?

      Many thanks for any help you can provide.

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          You would have to write your own update system. And update the app itself using the update() command, and update the resource manually. And by manually I mean write some code that would "know" witch files have to be updated.
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            Matt Gifford Level 1
            Hi TheDude7563

            Thank you for your reply.

            We have a working update function in place. The application has been running for months now, (on v39 currently).

            As for the manual transfer, I assume that the actual air file would still have to be downloaded from the server and unpacked? If this is the case, what (if any) benefits are there to creating a selective download as opposed to installing/updating the application if the .air file has already been downloaded onto the user's pc?

            Many, many thanks,