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    Fireworks CS4 Sucks

      I installed Fireworks CS4 on my Mac.

      The text engine is all kinds of screwed up, and after working on a website layout for 5 hours (saving regularly), Fireworks crashed, corrupting my file in the process.

      I'm uninstalling Fireworks and reinstalling CS3.

      This is just plain unacceptable from a company like Adobe. If the product isn't ready, don't release it.
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          They still have to make income somehow.

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            I have to say i've found Fireworks CS4 riddled with bugs. Very dissapointing.
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              jbee wrote:
              > I have to say i've found Fireworks CS4 riddled with bugs.

              Such as?

              Linda Rathgeber - Adobe Community Expert
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                >I have to say i've found Fireworks CS4 riddled with bugs. Very

                Care to give specifics so that others can confirm if they are bugs (and
                Adobe can fix them) or if it's a hardware or user error?

                To get help, please provide:
                - brief description of the alleged bug
                - reproducible steps so others can follow them and see if they get the same
                result as you
                - operating system and version
                - hardware specs

                Or do you prefer to remain disappointed?


                John Waller

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                  my fireworks just doens't start.

                  Could not launch Firewroks.
                  An internal error occurred.

                  a clean and fresh install of windows and Adobe Deisgn Premium and still no Fireworks.

                  another topic started 11/07/2008 12:02:11 AM by DrPAS on this forum.

                  i am looking forward to a solution.
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                    amfriedman Level 1

                    I must agree with the post author.


                    Adobe Fireworks CS4 is one of most unstable pieces of junk I've ever had the torture of using.  I used Fireworks 8 without a hitch for three years, and my company upgraded to CS4, and now the app crashes or freezes up constantly on a brand new HP Pentium 4 with 4GB RAM.  Other programs work fine on this machine.


                    Fireworks CS4 is riddled with bugs. I might have a 500KB file open, and I'll try to add a filter, or move some text around, and boom -- Fireworks crashes.  This occurs literally every 5-10 minutes, whether I have a few other programs open or not.  I've gotten into the habit of saving the file over and over, after each and every change.  A few times the program even crashed DURING the save process. When I re-opened the file, this last bit of work had vanished.


                    It is so shocking that a company can charge enterprise-level prices but not provide enterprise-level stability for its software.


                    FW CS4 is also a memory hog.  When Fireworks sits idle with no files loaded, it takes up about 220MB of memory.  In contrast, Photoshop CS4 only uses about 75MB.  Why should FW need triple the memory?  Either because it is three times more powerful than Photoshop, or, more likely, it is bloated beyond repair.


                    At this moment I have a single file open that contains five states with a canvas of 1200x2000, and perhaps 30MB of uncompressed image data, no serious filtering effects applied, and 20 text layers in total.  Guess how much RAM that Windows Task Manager reports FW is using?  Normally,


                    ~400MB.  Nearly half a GIG.


                    C'mon Adobe.  Fix your software.

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                      heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                      Photoshop makes use of 'Scratch Disk' via the Preference options thats why it show's low on memory usage, on start.


                      As for you crash cases, do you have Fw updated? http://www.adobe.com/support/fireworks/downloads_updaters.html

                      It resolved a lot of crash cases reported by many users from the original Fw CS4 release.


                      You can also send your crash reports to Adobe to help assist in your situation. Often times some crashes are unique and not experienced by everyone.

                      I work in Fw regularly, daily, hours on end, with only 2 gigs of Ram and have yet to see a crash with the new updater. Not saying that you don't but, some scenerios are unique and sending off reports will greatly help.



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                        heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                        Can you be more specific regarding text engine screwed up?

                        Do you have the Updater installed? Go to the Help > About menu, what version does it say?



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                          370H55V Level 4

                          I've got a 30 day old MacBook Pro with 2.26gHz core duo with 4Gb of RAM running 10.6.1, and I just installed the Master Collection 30 day trial.


                          Let me make it clear that I work on both Windows and Mac and I have two very similar laptops with nearly identical software setups.


                          I have CS4 Master Collection on the two-year-old Toshiba PC (1.9gHz dual core with 2Gb of RAM and Vista Home Premium) and EVERYTHING works like it should.


                          The MacBook Pro however, everything works EXCEPT Fireworks.


                          I try to open Fireworks and get the splash screen. Then it shuts down and says "Fireworks cannot run. An Internal error occurred", and an error report generates.


                          I read on another forum that it was because there were too many fonts installed, but I'm not buying it.


                          I have 5815 fonts installed on BOTH machines, and Fireworks runs just fine on the PC. Besides, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Encore,  InDesign, Premiere, OnLocation, Flash... they all work just fine and fonts are no problem with any of them in Windows or Mac.


                          The only place I'm having problems is Fireworks on the Mac.


                          So far, Ive seen NOTHING in the way of a solution for this and I KNOW I'm not alone with this error.

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                            I have just started using Fireworks CS4 and quite frankly I cannot believe how bad it is. I have updated it with the latest update so you would think that it would be okay - not! It hangs, it gives grey sceens whan I try use a dropdown in the proporties, hue and saturation - no slide bars just blank gret space. I'm horrified that Adobe are asking - what's wrong. The program is a dog and should never have been released with so many bugs. Yes, I have to use CS3 in the meantime but please can Adobe do something!!

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                              Fire works sucks.


                              Export settings are very poor there is very little control.

                              what the heck is the point of 8bit png with transparency all the edges look dumb and aliased with white pixels not to mention adobe states in their documentation it says "Although the transparency is not very useful for export to the web (because most web browsers do not support PNG format)"  NOT TRUE what ???


                              On top of that the tools are hard to use.


                              Fireworks is the Internet explorer of adobes products.  Buggy, crappy, and when i receive files from my clients in this format I cry!


                              Please adobe dicontinue this product it is hurting your reputation and professional designers use illustraor or photoshop.  People still use fireworks becasue they don't know any better.  Help them out!

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                                Linda Nicholls Level 4
                                "what the heck  is the point of 8bit png with transparency all the edges look dumb and  aliased with white pixels."

                                Could that be because you didn't select a matte color?

                                "Please adobe  dicontinue this product it is hurting your reputation and professional  designers use illustraor or photoshop.  People still use fireworks  becasue they don't know any better.  Help them out!"


                                Odd. All the Web designers I know use Fireworks and love it.

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                                  richardlee2626 Level 1

                                  I did not mean to be distasteful but my experience with fireworks has been negative and everyone I know uses photoshop or illustrator with an exception of 1 or 2 clients.  It's just works better for the web in my opinion and you can use it for other design material. Maybe I am just flat out different..  I am not saying there aren't any good designers who use fireworks I am confident there are.  In the end it's the result that matters and if you can get there with fireworks that is fine.  I just get their faster with with photoshop or illustrator and it seems to be the tool of choice for most professionals graphic design wise and web design wise whom I know.  I guess it really depends what you started with that is probably my problem.  To me fireworks still is lacking until proven other wise.  It's like a food you tried a couple times and didn't like my opinion hasn't changed about it but some people enjoy it clearly. ( :    -   I hope I did not offend you it is the product I do not like.



                                  Richard Lee

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                                    pixlor Level 4

                                    richardlee2626 wrote:



                                    what the heck is the point of 8bit png with transparency all the edges look dumb and aliased with white pixels not to mention adobe states in their documentation it says "Although the transparency is not very useful for export to the web (because most web browsers do not support PNG format)"  NOT TRUE what ???




                                    The 8-bit png with transparency is good for situations where you want partial transparency, but you don't want to have to go through all the hacks to get a full 32-bit alpha transparency png working in a page. Many earlier browsers will show partial transparent colors as fully transparent, but in those browsers the situation is preferable to that with the 32-bit image without coding. Even with coding, there are situations where a 32-bit png will lock up an IE browser, so it's still not great.




                                    I used lots of png8s in the most recent site I did. I didn't get white pixels along the edges. I think Linda's right. Check your matte color. I created mine on a transparent background.


                                    As for the advice about using pngs in general... Well, it's probably just old. Sometimes all the documentation doesn't get updated.

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                                      Earl Krygier

                                      "Please adobe dicontinue this product it is hurting your reputation and professional designers use illustraor or photoshop.  People still use fireworks becasue they don't know any better.  Help them out!"


                                      Thats a bit arrogant of an assumption, I've been using Fireworks since ver 2 and prefer it over Illustrator and Photoshop to do my web layouts and design work.  To each his own dude.  Its been a great tool, there are just a few bugs in CS4 is all. 

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                                        JerryCied Level 1

                                        I gotta vote yea for fireworks cs4 as well.


                                        I use it for quick bevels, alpha glows, buttons, textures, text, photo tweaking and alpha masking. Quick is the keyword.

                                        I do not use it for layout design.


                                        I come from a dreamweaver/fireworks history. I now am getting into after effects for animated banners.


                                        I personally prefere fireworks over photoshop and illistrator, although a text extruder in fireworks would be nice as well as 3D rotation.


                                        I have not had the struggle with crashes that i read about here.

                                        I Have had a lot of problems with Microsoft's Expression suite.

                                        In fact i have abandoned working with the microsoft product at all for now.


                                        But!!!!   I am about ready to upgrade my PC and laptop to win 7. If something goes wrong, I'll probably blame Microsoft and not Adobe. That tells me that i'm biased in favor of Adobe.


                                        Any way good luck people!

                                        Jerry C

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                                          amfriedman Level 1

                                          Well, it is somewhat heartening, heathrowe, that some users report having no problems at all.  That suggests that there is something about my PC's configuration that conflicts with Fw CS4.


                                          As for the updater, yes I had installed the updates the day they came out in May 2009.  Why should a free program like FileZilla update itself about every two weeks when Adobe hasn't offered a software update in 10 months?  Don't you see this as strange?


                                          But back to the possible hardware/software incompatibilities...

                                          Perhaps if all users on this forum -- those having trouble and those who aren't -- can paste their specs here, we can see a pattern emerge?


                                          My set-up (abridged), according to SiSoftware Sandra:



                                          Model : Hewlett-Packard HP xw4600 Workstation


                                          Operating System

                                          Windows System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 (Service Pack 3)

                                          Platform Compliance : x86



                                          Model : Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  E2180  @ 2.00GHz



                                          Model : HP X38 Processor to I/O Controller

                                          Front Side Bus Speed : 4x 200MHz (800MHz)

                                          Total Memory : 3GB ECC DIMM DDR2 DDR3

                                          Memory Bus Speed : 2x 333MHz (666MHz)


                                          Video System

                                          Adapter : NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (PS2.0, VS2.0 250MHz, 256MB DDR 2x405MHz, PCI)

                                          Adapter : NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (PS2.0, VS2.0 250MHz, 256MB DDR 2x405MHz, PCI)


                                          Storage Devices

                                          Hitachi HDS721680PLA (80GB, SATA300, 3.5", 7200rpm, NCQ, 7MB Cache) : 75GB (C:) (D:)


                                          Logical Storage Devices

                                          Hard Disk (C:) : 65GB (NTFS) @ Hitachi HDS721680PLA (80GB, SATA300, 3.5", 7200rpm, NCQ, 7MB Cache)

                                          HP_RECOVERY (D:) : 10GB (NTFS) @ Hitachi HDS721680PLA (80GB, SATA300, 3.5", 7200rpm, NCQ, 7MB Cache)



                                          LPC Hub Controller 1 : HP (ICH9) LPC Interface Controller

                                          LPC Legacy Controller 1 : SMSC SCH5317-B

                                          Audio Device : HP (ICH9) HD Audio Controller

                                          Audio Codec : Realtek Semiconductor 262 High Definition Audio


                                          Printers and Faxes

                                          Printer : RICOH Aficio MP 3350 PCL 6 (600x600)

                                          Printer : PDF Complete Converter (2400x2400, Colour)

                                          Printer : Microsoft XPS Document Writer (600x600, Colour)

                                          Printer : HP Color LaserJet 4550 PS (600x600, Colour)

                                          Printer : Canon iR600-550-60 PS Ver 2.0 (600x600)

                                          Printer : Adobe PDF Converter (4000x4000, Colour)




                                          Any ideas?

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                                            richardlee2626 Level 1

                                            You are right that was extremely arrogant.  I wrote that comment out of

                                            frustration with using the product.  It's extremely conceited of me to think that only people can and should use Products that I am comfortable with.  I'm sure if you are comfortable with the way it is set up and the UI then you can get wonderful results. (I would edit my comment... but I can't because I can only edit my most recent comment it appears... so it stays.)

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                                              Tally Webster

                                              I never understood the idea of using Fireworks. I use AI and PS to do all my web layout and creating final pieces. I can work much quickly, efficiently and precisely with the two. When I was looking at FW, it's as if someone is trying to combine some the features of AI and PS into one, not in a good way. SO, is FW really for people who are not proficient in AI and PS?

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                                                My first ever programs were Illustrator in '87 which I still like and PhotoShop a lil later.

                                                PhotoShop was built for Print and it shows.

                                                PhotoShop is a fat gorilla.

                                                PhotoShop handling of all things web is an afterthought.


                                                Illustrator is great.. but has gotten fat too.. but most importantly it can't handle the pixels. smoothly... in the same way that PS

                                                vector treatment a late-comer and red-headed step child in PhotoShop

                                                Slices PS?

                                                Pages PS?

                                                Symbols PS?

                                                In page color optimization?


                                                But worst is the lack of pages and true symbols.

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                                                  Linda Nicholls Level 4

                                                  Fireworks was developed for folks smart enough to realize that using Photoshop or Illustrator for designing web pages is like using a 000 camel hair brush for painting a barn. :-)

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                                                    Tally Webster Level 1

                                                    it seem to me that features such as Slicing is so old school. If I understand it correctly, FW slices the image then put the pieces together in table. It's CSS now days people. Again, maybe FW is for "smart" people who don't know programming and print design...?

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                                                      Linda Nicholls Level 4

                                                      Fireworks can export CSS positioned images as well as sliced images in tables meant for prototyping web pages rather than creating finished ones. Fireworks is not a WYSIWYG editor. It's for creating images for web pages assembled in Dreamweaver.

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                                                        I agree. I use AI and PS for concepting and visualizing website. AI for structure and PS for UI. I was intrigued by the idea of rapidly prototyping using FW, so I hunkered down to see what it had to offer. I've burned three days already and still can't even creating a simple button, which on the surface seems quite simple - and previews fine in FW. But when I export to HTML, all heck breaks loose. Mind you, I'm a designer with over 20 years of experience so I know what I'm doing.

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                                                          Goomi Level 1

                                                          having 20 years of DESIGN experience does no have anything to do with not knowing how FW works! You may be a fantastic designer but used to AI and PS which are over exploded fat and miserable apps. They are great but not for web prototyping, image optimisation, preview, etc etc etc...


                                                          You just need to take a short course because you're probably think FW is like PS or AI but it's not. It's a Macromedia software that was build from the ground specifically for web and screen production.


                                                          Just as a case study I can tell you that as a freelance front-end designer I go into multi-million dollar agencies see how badly designers work using the wrong tools such as PS to create a web page or Flash banners! It's like trying to drill a hole in the wall with a pencil. Anyhow, when I get in I take the PS files together with it's million layers and MASKS!!! and open them in FW. From now on, the time it takes to produce and debug a web layout just reduced by at least half, not to mention DW integration.


                                                          My only caveat is that Adobe managed to screw up this fantastic app on the Mac. I hope CS5 is better but I just can;t afford upgrading faulty products every year.


                                                          Hope I made some sense.



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                                                            I used Photoshop for years to design web pages. It's a great program. But when I discovered Fireworks, my life changed. It's SOOOO much easier to create and modify a web page layout in Fireworks than it is in Photoshop. I'd be crushed if they ever did away with FW.


                                                            I still use PS for photography, which is what it was really intended for. But I think FW is far superior for web design. But I guess it just depends on your workflow.


                                                            Haven't upgraded to the newest version of FW, so don't have any experience with the problems posted here. But there have been a few bugs in the version I use also.



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                                                              Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                                                              Fireworks CS4 was not a good release... I agree with this.


                                                              But Fireworks CS5 is a fantastic release, IMHO:



                                                              Fireworks is a much better tool for creating layouts for Web, and for screen design in general. It's faster than Ai/Ps combined, more powerful (in a way), easier to use, and overall, I'd prefer Fw to any other tool, when I do design for screen/web/UI. It allows me to put my ideas on the canvas much more quickly than Ps/Ai.


                                                              Just my two cents

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                                                                Goomi Level 1

                                                                This is really great that CS5 is "better" but I don't understand why it wasn't better and worked like it should in CS3! I lost confidence in Adobe.

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                                                                  I don't think you've understand at all. There's an option to export slices to table or css layout, just like PS. Professional webdesigners will export their slices to images and then code the page.


                                                                  It's always funny to read comments from ignorant PS users who don't use FW, not because they prefer the workflow of PS, but because they don't know how to work with FW. I don't know why but most of them think that FW users are noobs in the web design industry.


                                                                  I've used PS for several years and switched to FW because of the features: Pages, Symbols, Rapid Prototyping, Style palettes, Web Layers, etc... (more on that here: http://boagworld.com/design/fireworks-vs-photoshop). Don't get me wrong, I'm still using PS for image editing, but for web layouts I prefer PS.


                                                                  Unfortunately, FW sucks because of the bugs, not because it's not good for the job. I really hope to see a competitor of FW in the next years, maybe it'll push Adobe to make the software better.



                                                                  If you try to export to html with FW and haven't been able to create a button in 3 days, i'm sorry but you don't know what you're doing.

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                                                                    Jim_Babbage Level 4

                                                                    Have you tested the CS5 trial? It is significantly better than CS4 in many ways.


                                                                    Jim Babbage

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                                                                      graffreak Level 1

                                                                      FW CS5 is definitively better than FW CS4, but there's still some bugs. Text is not sharp when small (around 12px), rounded rectangle are distorted when resized, small circles looks like rounded rectangle (http://grab.by/4OkX), and so on. Not to mention that those bugs were present in FW CS4 and are still there in CS5.


                                                                      I hope to see improvements in future upgrades.

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                                                                        Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                                                                        Hmm, I do not agree...


                                                                        1) Text can look pretty well @ 12px, if you use NO ANTIALIAS option + the excellent "ClearType Text Style" extension:


                                                                        (works amazingly well in Fw CS4/CS5)


                                                                        2) Circles look the same in Fw CS5 and Ai CS5, just tested:

                                                                        (see attached screen @ 3200% magnification, Fw CS5 against Ai CS5)


                                                                        So it often depends how you use the software...



                                                                        3) And rounded rectangles are *not* distorted when resized! If you use the Rounded Rectangle tool (which is an autoshape) and use the yellow point to resize it, it will definitely not be distored. You can also use a normal rounded rectangle and use the 9-slice scaling tool and the rectangle roundeness (the corners) and the shape will be perfectly preserved, too.


                                                                        So, just my two cents...


                                                                        Later edit (see 3).

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                                                                          graffreak Level 1

                                                                          1) Thanks for the link. It's working well with Arial, but with some other fonts it's another thing. This is great to know that a workaround exist, but why isn't that natively built in, without having to add multiple shadows?


                                                                          2) Never got this result when copying a circle from Illustrator to Fireworks... The one copied from Illustrator always looks better.


                                                                          3) Again, why using 9-slice scaling for a rectangle, I think it's counter-productive. And why the Transform tool could not achieve the same result as dragging the yellow point. Also I often use the PI to set a width and height to a rectangle, again corners are distorted when changing one of those values. And that with or without an Autoshape Rounded Rectangle. The best solution is to use the John Dunning's extension, but this is still a workaround and an extra step.

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                                                                            Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                                                                            1) Well working with Arial, Verdana and some others, on my end. Yep, a workaround, but a beautiful one -- and it works!


                                                                            2) I just made a screenshot of a circle made in Fw and in Ai (CS5). 8 px, 72 dpi, then zoom to 3200 %. You can see, they are exactly (or almost exactly)  the same!


                                                                            3) Nope. 9-slice is exactly for these cases! It is easy to use and works 100% fine! Or, you can use the auto-shape (Rounded Rectangle) that can be resized fine even without the 9-slice-scaling tool (yellow control point). And yes, John has some amazing extensions -- so what, an extra step? It works! What is the problem?


                                                                            Fw CS5 is an amazing release -- good, stable, nice new features added, lots of old bugs fixed, lot of things improved -- and Fw CS5 has improved extensibility, even!

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                                                                              Goomi Level 1

                                                                              "I hope to see improvements in future upgrades."


                                                                              Sorry but I don't agree. Without strong regulations and laws software companies can get away with selling bugged products without any warranty. I can't and should not wait for future upgrades and PAY FOR THEM! I am using the CS5 at work right now and CS3 at home and there is no way I am going to "upgrade". the new features are small and minor for me. Why there is no support to write from right to left the same way they did in Flash for instance? just for that I will pay thousands of dollars but hey, FW is just a bump in the road for Adobe.



                                                                              • 36. Re: Fireworks CS4 Sucks
                                                                                graffreak Level 1

                                                                                Imagine that each time you want to start your car, you had to open all the doors, the hood and the trunk. It won't take much of your time, but won't you ask yourself why the manufacturer didn't just make the car work when you turn the key?


                                                                                That's what I'm complaining about, everything in FW as a workaround, but why just not make it work right immediately.


                                                                                For the circle, I've seen your screenshot, have you seen mine? I've redone the same thing on another computer and I have the same result as my first screenshot. But maybe the difference is that i'm on a Mac and your on Windows?



                                                                                Sorry I've used the wrong word. I was talking about "updates" and not "upgrades".

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                                                                                  Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                                                                                  Yep, I'm on Windows. Fireworks CS5 and Illustrator CS5.


                                                                                  Not sure, but the circle's roundness may depend on a lot of factors... Yes, in your screen I see difference, and I am not sure what's causing it... Ai looks a bit better. At 3200%.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Fireworks CS4 Sucks
                                                                                    Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                                                                                    Hmm, I've made more tests, I was curious... See my findings:




                                                                                    You can see the Fw and Ai create very similar circles. BUT! If you create a circle in Ai > then paste it in Fireworks, Fw changes the circle slightly and makes it more round! So in fact, Fw improves a circle made in Ai, if you paste such a circle in Fw! Curious!


                                                                                    Perhaps there's more, but this is what I discovered up to now...

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Fireworks CS4 Sucks

                                                                                      Linda Nicholla, how on earth are you a community professional if you seriously think most professional web developers use Fireworks over Photoshop. Photoshop & Illustrator ARE the industry tools in regards to Adobe products. The ONLY people I know in the industry who use Fireworks as their primary tool are people who need it to slice a design created in Photoshop, however most professional designers are more than capable of doing this using guides and layers in Photoshop.


                                                                                      Fireworks is famously hungry on memory and CS4 is the worst yet. I have 6GB of RAM with a top end processor and having Firefox open at the same time as Firefox causes me a world of problems. Mostly, as soon as I touch the layers palet to move to a different layer the screen turns white and hangs. The only way to bring it back is to end the process via task manager and re-start the thing losing any work I had created.


                                                                                      Adobe have again proved their more interested in keeping their shareholders happy with regular updated releases of products that didn't really need it, rather than waiting until a product was completly ready and worthy of an updated release. I have to laugh because it is a childish error by a massive corporation and now they will start to feel the effect of their greed over stability. I guarentee...NO, I 100% GUARENTEE you won't have as many people snapping up CS5 and CS6.


                                                                                      ABSOLUTLY AWFUL STABILITY. MY FIREWORKS CS4 IS UNINSTALLED AND NO FUTURE FIREWORKS PRODUCTS WILL EVER BE USED BY ME AGAIN.

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