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    Transparent windows

      I'm making a website with as2 and was wondering if there was any way to export it so that the browser is partially transparent?
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          I think you'll need to be more specific. Do you mean the browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc) will be transparent so you can see your desktop through it? If so, then no, that's impossible.

          If you mean can you make the swf partially transparent so that you can see HTML behind it, then yes.

          You'll have to set your movieClips or whatever else is on your stage to alpha = 50% (or whatever transparency you wish).

          Then go to File>Publish settings and under the HTML tab you'll see a choice for window mode (this is wmode in your HTML code). Choose windowless transparent and that shoudl do the trick.

          If this isn't what you're looking for, please be more specific in what you're trying to do.
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            zamora22 Level 1
            Well no, that wasn't it. I was trying to do the impossible and make the browser transparent.
            Thanks for the information though.