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    MenuBar Menu corder-radius?

    borfgordon Level 1
      I have a MenuBar. i would like the drop down's to have rounded corners. I have tried the cornerRadius on the "Menu" css element to no avail. Can someone show me a working example? Thanks
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          m_hartnett Level 3
          Define a menuStyleName which defines the style for the dropdownmenu. The one issue I have not been able to figure out is when the item is selected the highlighted item does not show rounded corners. You can add almost any style in the menuStyleName definition.

          MenuBar {
          backgroundColor: #ffffff;
          color: #000000;
          textRollOverColor: #ffffff;
          textSelectedColor: #ffffff;
          disabledColor: #8e8e8e;
          dropShadow: true;

          .menuStyle {
          cornerRadius: 6;

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            borfgordon Level 1
            Thanks that helped, but yes I notice that the BG color square of the item being rolled over, is still square.

            Does anyone know how to apply the corner radius to the highlighted item itself?