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    Easy Question

      Hi all,
      I've got a quick and easy question I think. I've created 5 "movies" for page links for a website, now each of these movies contain a button within that has a rollover and rolloff animation applied to it. They're all placed in scene 1.

      Scene 1 has 5 different keyframes, each one has the 4 of the 5 movies. (one taken out so that when they're on that particular frame they can't select the button that guides you there again and again and again).

      So my question is how can i get it so that when someone clicks on one of the "movies" it will jump to the linked keyframe.

      below is the code that I have applied to the button within each movie (link) (all rollover/off works fine as is)

      The second bit of code is what i've tried with the help of script assist but it doesn't do what i want it to