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    site uploaded but delay untill it works ok

      Ive made a site locally and ive used ftp to upload it. Initially it didn't work at all, even though all the files had been uploaded.

      I left it for 1 hour and now it sort of works but a lot of the images arnt present. When i type in the address of the folder that contains the images, i get a list of the images but when i click on one it wont work (unless i try again a bit later).

      The site also doesnt work when i type in www.myaddress.com but does work when i type in www.myaddress.com/index.html I thought naming the page index.html made it work automatically.

      It seems like there is just a delay from when i upload the file to the site working properly. Is this normal or have i designed something wrong?

      is this standard for hosting or more of a problem with the cheaper ones?