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    Removing the Pound Sign in MAP IDs

      We want to use MAP IDs in our Web Help output in order to bring up the correct document for each screen. The MAP IDs are based on the screen names, which makes things pretty easy for the developers. This is the code for calling the desired screen: http://www.company.com/help/help_csh.htm#topicId=TOPIC,withnavpane.

      Is there ANY WAY (like with javascript or some other magical thing) we can change the pound sign (#) to a question mark (?) and still bring up the correct page? We're hoping there is something we can do in RoboHelp so we don't have to drag a bunch of developers into it.

      Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.
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          Hello bgatch,

          I do not believe that there is a way to do what you are after. I suspect the better question is why do you want to replace the # with a ? in the first place? Hopefully, once we understand the workflow a bit better, we can come up with a better answer for you.


          Bobby W
          Adobe Customer Care