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    Browse Sequences in WebHelp -- Not Readily Apparent?

    Steve Peterson
      As a newbie with RH7, I'm looking at using Browse Sequences. I created two named sequences and assigned a few topics to each, but when I generate a WebHelp output the only visible presence seems to be the "back - forward" triangles above the TOC. No listbox showing the named sequences offered. The only clue that the two sequences are working is that the back and forward buttons do move through a particular sequence when I happen to select a topic that's in that sequence from the TOC.

      Referring to N. Perlin's article, www.stcsig.org/oi/hyperviews/archive/02Spring/022cmagi.htm, for example, what I see is similar to his Figure 1. Can RH7 generate WebHelp that shows a browse sequence pictogram similar to that shown in his Figure 3? If not, browse sequences appear to be useless to foist upon my users.

      Thanks for your comments.