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    CS2: The installer seems to have written the wrong AUM application ID

      This is hopefully the solution to the problem where InDesign shows a messagebox each time it starts saying "The installer seems to have written the wrong AUM application ID". In my own quest to solve the problem, I found a number of people with the same issue, but with no solutions.

      In my case, it was caused by someone installng a new language in the OS X International Control Panel, and putting it first on the list (above English). He had installed Greek, and everything was fine until the computer was restarted, and then the problems with InDesign began (in fact InDesign wouldn't start up at all - the messagebox would appear but there would be no palettes or anything).

      To solve it, go to the Apple menu, System Preferences, International, and drag English to the top of the list. Restart (or log out and log back in again) and hopefully it should be solved :)

      Obviously this may not be a solution to people who like to run OS X in another language, as they will then be forced to run in English.