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    Indesign export to Dreamweaver XHTML, error undefined is not an object

      Please could you read the following email and make any suggestions, greatly appreciated.


      Hi Guys,

      Exporting it to a pdf and then again to HTML works okay so long as the text isnt in columns. Acrobat doesnt put the text in the right order which is a pain. Here is a breakdown of what i am doing and whats happening.

      1. Opening an indd file in SERVER NAME/Data/ONLINE/FOLDER NAME/

      2. Going to File à Cross-media Export à XHTML/Dreamweaver

      3. Saving the file in SERVER NAME/Data/ONLINE/FOLDERNAME/indd exports/

      4. In the export settings i am changing the Advanced settings to make sure there is No CSS

      5. I hit Export and get this error message: undefined is not an object

      If you go in to the indd export folder you can see that i have managed to export about half the files, the rest all have the same error message and i have no idea why.

      I have tried the following:

      1. Substituting all fonts it couldnt find on my computer for the default fonts

      2. Taking out all the images (we dont need them, just the text)

      3. Closing everything down and rebooting CS3

      4. Closing everything down and rebooting the Mac

      5. Saving the file on to the local machine and trying again