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    Another twist on the endash conversion problem

      Hi everyone -

      I know that there are several posts out here about the conversion form X5 to RH 7.0 and "&endash;" appearing in the actual compiled HTML instead of an actual –. Those have been very helpful to me in getting my head around why I was seeing code in my compiled help!!

      We have fixed all the erroneous &endash appearances in our documentation, and have installed the 7.0.2 patch that has the fix for when we open any of our other projects. So, here's what's strange. I seem to be able to insert an endash just fine on my computer using the Insert Symbol menu and the short cut Alt 0150 and things compile fine. Endashes looking like endashes. However, my coworker, who is running the same version of RoboHelp with all the patches that I have, is not able to insert the endash. It looks fine in the WYSIWYG view in RoboHTML, but when she compiles, or when she uses the preview (Eyeglasses icon), the dash displays as &endash in the text. Her instance does not however convert all the correct appearances of an endash... seems to only be anything new that she adds.

      Any ideas? Our current work around is for her to use a regular -, which is an ok work around, but I'd like a solution if possible. We've looked for settings that might be different, missions fonts, etc, and have come up with nothing.