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    InDesign CS2 PDF presets not loading

      I have none of the predefined joboptions for PDF listed and cannot load them - I get an error message "Cannot import presets from this file". The joboptions are all correctly in the Library/application support/Adobe/Adobe PDF/Settings folder. Also it will not even allow me to create a new file - it says "Cannot create the file. The folder may be write protected". I have gone through and made sure all folders are unlocked etc.

      What is happening? Anybody else had this happen?
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          Yep, having the same problem on the PC side. Some of the presets are there, but standard.joboptions isn't. Like you, I can find it in the folder but if I try to load it I get the 'write-protected' message. I was just about to post when I saw your message, so will subscribe to this thread to see if anyone can help.

          Anne Goldenberger
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            I have just discovered what was wrong. I have CS2 but also Acrobat Professional 8. I have just found a forum called InDesignSecrets.com and there I found that in CS2 the folder the joboptions are kept in is in a slightly different place - see below:

            "Finally, where are PDF preset files saved? I left the technicalities of this until the end because most of you wont know or care (you dont need to know this location to use PDF presets in InDesign). However, for the techies among us, here is where PDF presets (both the default and customized settings) reside in Adobe Creative Suite 2 and Distiller 7:

            Macintosh: Library > Application Support > Adobe PDF > Settings

            Windows: Documents and Settings > All Users > Shared Documents > Adobe PDF > Settings

            One other technical note is that this location has changed for Acrobat 8 Professional (and presumably Adobe Creative Suite 3). The file format for the .joboptions file hasnt changed, however. The default settings are stored in these locations:

            Macintosh: Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe PDF > Settings

            Windows: Documents and Settings > All Users > Application Data > Adobe > Adobe PDF > Settings"

            Note that for CS2 the Adobe PDF is in the Application Support folder not in the Adobe folder in the Application Support folder. So I just copied the Adobe PDF folder and dropped it straight into the Application Support folder leaving the original where it was (as I need it there for Acrobat 8). I then restarted InDesign and hey presto the preset job options came in automatically - hooray!
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              Sorry forgot to post the web address of the forum I found:

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                Hmm, interesting, thanks for posting Kevin. I also have CS2 InDesign and Acrobat 8.0 Professional. Yup, indeed, I can find the joboptions files in that Application Data directory also. So I tried loading the preset from there, and all I get is a message saying "Cannot import presets from this file".

                I also tried copying the files from one location to another but that doesn't seem to work either. Maybe the Mac side is more friendly that way :-)
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                  Wondering if you ever solved your problem, as I have exactly the same problem with InDesign CS2 and Acrobat 8.0 Professional (on a PC).
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                    Hi reneechiang -

                    I was able to upgrade to CS3 - in fact I just installed it yesterday. I was able to load a joboptions file that wasn't already in the dropdown list, and it worked just fine!

                    So, a rather expensive workaround I'm afraid.

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                      Hello all,

                      I had the same problem. There were no predefined joboptions available in my Indesign CS2, and I even could not create new ones (I got the "Could not create folder"-message.)

                      I read the above letters, and so I found my solution.
                      I had to crate the following folders in my Windows computer:

                      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Adobe PDF\Settings

                      I put the pdf-joboption files (xxxx.joboptions) I found elsewere on my computer into this folder. With this, my Indesign works properly, and I can create new PDF presets (= joboption-files), without problems.

                      By the way, there was already an Adobe PDF folder under "Shared Documents", however, it was called slightly differently, namely: "Adobe PDF 6.0". The "Settings" folder (and the .joboptions-files) were inside. So, probably just renaming the folder (by deleting "6.0") would have helped...

                      Hope this discription of how I found my solution helps you, or other colleagues facing the same problem.

                      Regards ,

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                        I have CS2 and Acrobat 8, but I also am running it on Windows Vista. I am having the same problems, but none of the solutions work.

                        Documents and settings folder is non-existent, if I try to create it, it is automatically moved to "Users" folder.

                        Then, if I try to create the All Users folder in the Users folder it is automatically changed to "C:\Program Data".

                        Then I try to create the shared documents folder in there, thinking this may be a symbolic link or something in Windows, but Indesign never finds the preset files....

                        If anyone has a solution for Vista, please share it!
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                          Finally I successfully load the PDFpreset file.


                          Create two folders:


                          C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe PDF\Settings

                          C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe PDF\Extras