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    Integrate Flex and CF

    jmortimer Level 1
      I want to use Flex with DataServices and integrate it all with Cold Fusion 7. I am building the box now and just wanted to know which i should install first.

      And also - will FLEX DataServices be able to use the Java that comes with CF? Or would i need to install a seperate JRun?

      Thanks for any help.
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          peterent Level 2
          First - do not attempt to install Flex 2 Data Services into ColdFusion; it is possible but is pointless. It will be far, far easier to deal with them as separate entiies.

          It doesn't matter which you install first, just install your J2EE app server (eg, JRun) first. Then install Flex Data Services and ColdFusion.

          Installing FDS and CF as "sibling" products allows you to configure them independently and even run them on separate machines - many people have that configuration for their production environments.