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    Recording Video Locally?

      On this site, it is said that with AIR, "Applications have unlimited local storage and access to a local database, plus encrypted local storage."

      I've been told that I cannot record video locally with AIR (to the cache, desktop, or otherwise). The video must be sent to a remote server, and then back to my computer if i want a local copy of the .flv. This seems to contradict the above quote.

      Basically i want to create an application that records webcam video and audio locally and then plays back w/o having to involve a remote server. Does anyone know is this is possible?

      thank you!
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          anirudhs Level 2

          Live video from a webcam can be played back locally. But there is no API in AIR to record this video locally. Both AIR and the flash player only support sending this live video stream to a Flash Media Server which does the recording.

          With AIR, you can save data into the local filesystem. That does not mean AIR supports serializing live webcam video into a data format which can be later used to play the same video back. IMHO, there is no contradiction here.