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    problem/bug with mouse over movieclips

      Been facing an annoying problem at here: www.villielain.com
      Different site sections are located in animated objects (mostly glowing) and when you mouse-over them the bottom menubar shows up. The problem is that, when you go fast over multiple objects (for example tv - cross - wall), the menu bar won't go away.
      I've separate actionscript layer for the menu items and can send the original open file if it helps.

      any suggestions? thanks.
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          don't know but you might want to try

          onMouseUp = function() {
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            Justin Putney Level 2
            Issue 1: If the user leaves the Flash area (and moves over to the black html background in this case), Flash doesn't register a RollOut event, because Flash isn't underneath your mouse to capture it.

            Issue 2: Another problem is that when you display a new menu, your code should remove or override any menu that's currently displayed, rather than just adding a new menu to the stage or making a new item visible.

            Issue 2 can be fixed with some improved code. Issue 1 is a Flash (AS2) limitation, but there are some workarounds. You can start a timer when a button is rolled over. If no rollout event is triggered after the designated time has elapsed, you can check the location of the mouse and perform a hit test with your button. Solving issue 2 will also reduce the occurrences of issue 1.
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              pyyhtik Level 1
              thank you logeye and Justin!

              I'll try to follow your leads justin. I hope i can get it worked out!