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    CD with Projector and Audio

      I have seen some cd's that have two separate parts - when you put it in a computer, it plays a Director projector, and when you put it into a cd player, it plays audio.
      Does anybody know how I would go about making/burning such a cd?
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          Level 7
          Toast on a Mac will do this, and hdiutil will probably too. I'm not sure
          if Nero will do the same on a PC, but it's probable.
          In general what I think you need to do is burn a multi-session disc with
          one burn being data and the other an Audio CD compliant session.
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            ytlevine Level 1
            I tried it once (I am on a PC) a while ago, and the cd player read one extra track (though it maybe was because I may have put the data first), but that's what I want to avoid.
            Has anybody had experience with this on a PC?
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              rafa@mediatech Level 1
              Hi ytlevine:
              You can definetly do this with Nero (I used Nero 6). I just finished a project for customer which had a bunch of Holiday songs as CDAs and a splash screen that would auto-run on PCs. There are 2 options on Nero you can use:
              -Make Audio and Data CD
              -Or make mixed mode CD
              I used "Make Audio and Data CD" becuase the other option made the data show up as a track on the audio portion. I didnt like that becuase then it told the user thay had 1 more track, when in fact, they didnt. It is really easy to do, just make sure you have your autorun.inf file if you want to autorun the .exe.
              good luck!

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                ytlevine Level 1
                Sounds like exactly like I am looking for.
                One more question, though:
                Will the user still be able to listen to the audio on a computer, or copy the tracks, if they want? Or can they only see the data part?
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                  rafa@mediatech Level 1
                  If the user explores the CD, I believe it only shows the data portion of it (the CDAs are hidden). But if you open windows media player, it shows the tracks on the CD tab. So yes, they will be able to access the tracks to listen or Rip on a PC...not sure how it will act on a MAC...