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    RoboHelp generate MS-HTML crash (long)


      I am running RoboHelp HTML 2002r2 Build 1150 on a Citrix Presentation Server 4 box running under Windows 2003 SP1.
      I have a project stored on a network drive (Netware 6) using the 4.91 SP2 client.
      My workstation is Windows 2000 SP4.

      The first time I try and generate the CHM file the server crashes just before the "copying files" part of the generate, and everyone on the box is thrown off. After about 2 mins access is restored although all sessions have been discarded.
      The System event log gives Event 1003, this is a fairly generic Stop error and none of the solutions I have found for this event ID have helped. Other event logs show services restarting as though Explorer has terminated and re-started.

      Subsequent attempts to generate the CHM file work OK and are usually OK for the rest of the day. I don't know what re-sets the error trigger but the next day the first generate will usually crash. I have tried rebooting the server and workstation during the day and CHM generation has been fine...until the next day again. There are no processes running overnight that should affect the server, just a backup. I plan to switch the backup off for a couple of days to se eif this affects it, but I can't do this until the weekend as it is a live server.

      A test server I have set up does not have the problem, however it doesn't have the full range of apps and settings that the live server has, it would take a week to set this up.

      I have noticed that every compile leaves the temp folder !chm_temp_folder_ nn behind, whether the generate is successful or not.

      The server is locked down so that certain users can only run certain apps, however my user has read/write access to the Robohelp install directory and the project directory on the Netware server.

      I have re-installed the app from scratch (uninstall, manually remove the few files left in the Robohelp folder, deleted HKCU\Software\Blue Sky Software, then re-install and patch).

      Some questions to those of you who made it this far :-)
      Any known issues running Robohelp on a Citrix server?
      Any known issues running the mpj file from a Netware mapped drive?
      Why are the temp folders left after a successful CHM file generation?
      Any ideas why the first generate crashes?
      What would you do to troubleshoot?

      Thanks for taking the trouble to read this