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    External JS from AIR with Flex?


      I wonder if this is possible. I have a AIR application built using Flex, I would like to apply syntax highlight within the flex application - but my actionscript experience is very limited.

      My question:

      I've used JavaScript syntax highlighting scripts before (shjs) - I would like to use this package inside my Flex application. Is this possible, can I load and use external JavaScript files inside Flex/Air apps?

      I see this can be done using Flex in a Browser (flex without AIR) with the 'ExternalInterface API' - is this currently available for AIR or is there any other method available to do this?

      To me this is a huge factor for the success of Flex inside AIR. I have a huge range of JavaScript libraries I've built over the years, it would really suck if I had to rewrite everything in ActionScript.

      Any ideas??