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    < Outline fonts inside table

    SebastiaoV Level 1
      Hi guys,
      Does anybody knows how to create outlines of text which is inside a table? I am printing some vinyls with some software that only accepts EPS and does not understand the fonts. The only way, i guess is to create outlines, but weird enough there is an outline of the fonts and underneath there is second copy of the fonts still editable. That is kind of weird don´t you think

      Any ideas?

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          I think you should use the method described here:


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            Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional
            I don't argue with the converting-text-to-outlines-the-right-way.php article, however, I thought I'd jump in as to why the converting text to tables created a second copy of the font that was still editable.

            There are several ways to convert live text to outlines. If you select the frame that holds the text
            b as an object
            you will convert the text to outlines and lose the text frame. There will be no record that the font was ever in the frame.

            This is usually the way most people want to convert to outlines.

            However, if you select the text as a character, then convert, you will create an inline graphic in the position where the character was, but the font formatting stays in the paragraph.

            This is very helpful for those who may need to retype the text in that position.

            However, tables are a little different. If you select the frame that holds the text
            b as an object
            and then apply the Convert to Outlines command, InDesign converts the text to outlines, but doesn't know what to do with the table. So instead of embedding the converted font, it puts the converted fonts above the table, and then leaves the original fonts still in the table.

            It's confusing, but expected.
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              The "right way" at http://indesignsecrets.com/converting-text-to-outlines-the-right-way.php notwithstanding, to convert a table such that no font information is stored when exporting to PDF, just follow these steps:


              1. Select the table frame, not the text in the table, and also not the columns/rows of the table. Only the table frame should be highlighted as selected.
              2. Select Type > Create Outlines. This will convert a copy of your text to outlines and leave a copy as regular text in the table behind the new outlines.
              3. Select the text in the table, for example by selecting all the columns in the table such that all the text and the cells are highlighted. Make sure not to select your newly created outlines at the same time.
              4. Delete the selected text, e.g., by hitting the Delete key.


              This leaves a table with no text in it (so no font information will be written for the table) behind your text converted to outlines.


              Similarly for textboxes, if you click on the textbox frame instead of selecting the text itself, the result of Type > Create Outlines will leave you with only outlines and no font information to be written to the PDF. If you instead just select the text, even if it appears you have selected all the text, you can still end up with font information in your PDF.


              Yes, there is still a need these days in some instances to deliver PDF's with no font information, all text converted to outlines or "curves".


              This was tested using InDesign CS5.5.




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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                If you need to convert text (or strokes) to outline I would use Illustrator. But be aware, it is not a recommended workflow to deliver PDFs for printing, you should always use pdfs with embedded fonts, if the printer does not accept embedded fonts look for a different one. This described workaround/workflow is only for special cases as the described:

                1. Export the PDF from InDesign, best as PDF/X4

                2. Open Adobe Illustrator, create a new empty document in the workspace you will need it.

                3. Place the exported PDF, but be aware to link it. If you embedd or open it you will destroy any font information! Don't embedd it!

                4. Adjust the artboard to the graphic

                5. Object > Flatten transparency, select Font to Outline and Strokes if needed

                6. Save EPS according to the standard you need.

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                  tgraner Level 1

                  You may not see this reply considering the posts were from a while ago, but I just found the string today when I was baffled on how to get the text in a table I had made to outline and not show as still having text in the PDF I made. Your method of converting the text as a frame and then deleting the editable text below worked, b-u-t I had to do an additional step.


                  When I deleted the editable text below it caused the table to move the rows up since there was not text in them anymore. I corrected it by simply pulling down the cells to their correct position, but it did leave me wondering if perhaps there was another setting - maybe in the table - I needed to change so the cells would stay in place?


                  So thanks and it worked. Just wondered if I should have done that last part differently.



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                    Easiest way is to actually:


                    1. Convert all text to outlines (thus placing the outlined table text on top of the actual table)
                    2. Copy the full table into Illustrator
                    3. Remove all text
                    4. Save as .eps
                    5. Place the new .eps into InDesign
                    6. send behind the outlined table text



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                      Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                      No, don't convert font into Outlines, not even in Illustrator.  Forget my post above. Export the file to PDF, if someone needs an EPS, he can export it there, if someone needs outline, he should do it with a correction profile in Acrobat.