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    Random Order

    vanroojdotcom Level 1
      I want to create an animated gif of some picture banners – I want them in a random order. Any ideas?

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          vanroojdotcom Level 1
          mmmm...... Just let me clarify this a little bit. I have a Flash 7 banner that rotates through 21 random adverts pulled from an XML file and I am going to use 'swfobject' for when people don't have Flash installed to show alternate content. I have two options

          • Pull in a random banner from MySQL – PRO: it's random on each page CON: It only shows the one banner
          • Create an animates gif in Fireworks – PRO: it's runs through a sequence CON: its the same sequence (1-21)

          SO I'd like to create a Fireworks animates gif with 21 frames that doesn't always start at frame 1 (the 3rd option!)

          Any ideas?
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            Level 7
            hi yea,

            maybe you can consider 21 different images and then have them randomly
            shown, other wise you would have a v big gif file that would not be fit for