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    Can audio be paused mid-slide?

      Hi everybody!
      I wonder if somebody knows if this is possible?
      I have a slide with a spoken audio track. Right now, there is a click button mid-slide that pauses the movie - however, the audio does not stop. I am using ver 1.01.
      Is there a way of doing this without splitting the content and audio and moving it to a seperate slide? That's the only solution I could think of but it's a lot of hassle for my project.

      TIA for any help you guys can offer!
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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello isanmiguel,

          No sorry this isn't possible in either Captivate 1 nor 2. I do understand that having to split the audio and move it to a separate slide might seem a hassle but unfortunately it really is the only way to accomplish the effect you are trying to acheive.

          If this is something that you feel very strongly about then I would suggest you submit this as a Feature Request
          for a future version.